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Cx Manager is a browser based system for managing multiple Commissioning projects.
Designed with simplicity in focus and everything within max two clicks, it provides unparalleled performance in an elegant package.
  • Organize and monitor all your Cx projects
  • Use the Danish Standard DS3090 and ASHRAE Guideline 0
  • Keep track of your OPR and Cx Log
  • Create project and OPR templates
  • Invite users to participate in your projects
  • Manage notebooks and to-do list
  • Switch between Danish and English

Real-time overview

Manage all your projects from 1 place. Continuously see which tasks you need to work on, when they have deadline, etc. Get an overview with the charts, which collects data from all of your projects.

Real time

Effective teams

A good Commissioning process depends on effective teams. Cx Manager gather all your team members and your work in 1 place and enhances you efficiency.


Structed processes

Structure in building projects are essential for a safe and efficient progress. The Commissioning process's tools provide you with structured processes that can be used throughout the construction.


Save money

Commissioning ensures savings on the total economy (TCO). There are major savings in the design, execution and operation phase. Get an overview of where and what you have saved.



Cx Manager is designed for managing multiple Commissioning projects at the same time.

But it does also contain multiple other features to enhance each project users daily work. This is done by including personal (or project specific) to-do lists and notebooks for minute of meeting and much more.

The reason for Cx Managers splitted focus (project specific and user specific) is to ensure, that all tasks relating to the projects and the users personal daily tasks are collected into one single tool.


Cx plan og organizing

The Commissioning plan defines the scope and requirements for the process. Develop the plan and the organisation chart and update it continuosly in Cx Manager.

Cx plan

OPR & Cx log

Keep track of all your OPR and log observations. Set responsibility for tasks, define time periods and view your logpoints in Gantt, calendar og lists.


Test paradigms

One of our most important tasks is to verify the installations. Use the existing test templates or develop your own.


.. and many more

Cx Manager contains many Commissioning tools, eg site-visit where you can view your observations on a map, review, accept documents and many more.

Cx tools


  • Dashboard - overview of the project
  • List - a list view of all tasks/OPR's
  • Kanban - a kanban view of all the tasks/OPR's
  • Gantt - schedule your tasks/OPR's
  • Notes - with reference to the project
  • Reporting - an economy reporting page
  • Settings - customize the project
  • Activate specific Commissioning tools

OPR / Tasks

  • Manage your task/requirements in different views
  • Quick adding and editing
  • User defined status/kanban columns
  • Assign users to tasks
  • Add tags, category, phase, colors, etc. to tasks
  • Manage each task with additional subtasks
  • Dialog field to communicate
  • Track everything with open project history


  • Collect your notes in one place
  • View notes in list, table or sticky notes format
  • Drag and drop sorting
  • Tags, categories and much more
  • Full formatting/HTML support
  • Autosave feature


  • Multiple to-do lists
  • View a single list or all to-do items
  • Manage all to-do items from one page
  • Drag and drop sorting
  • Easy overview of to-do items
  • Tags, reference, colors, etc.
  • Optimized for mobile devices


  • Upload files to the projects
  • Preview the file in the browser
  • Add tags, category, description, etc. to the files
  • Tags, categories and much more
  • Manage version and revisions of files

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